Keramia Ceramicas, S.L.

Keramia Ceramicas is a porcelain stoneware tile manufacturer, specialized in the production of extruded porcelain stoneware tiles.

Thanks to our exclusive production process (extrusion), our products have a very natural and realistic finish, very close to the natural products (stone, wood, slate, etc).

Our tiles are also very suitable for outdoor uses, as we are offering almost every product from our catalogue also in an anti-slip version.

Besides, everything is produced in extruded porcelain body, so our tiles last for a lifetime, no matter how bad the weather conditons are.

Another advantage of our tiles is that we offer modular sizes in all our collections (we even offer all sizes mixed in the same box, so our customers do not have to order every size separately).

And finally, and thanks again to the use of the extrusion process, we offer a wide range of special pieces (steps, skirtings, mouldings, etc).

Our tiles do not only match the highest technical requirements (mechanical strength, stain resistance, wear resistance, anti-slip properties, they are frost-proof, …), but they also allow endless decorative possibilities, enhancing the unique character of the project they are used in.

Thanks to our modern technology and flexibility in production, we are also specialized in the production of façade tiles and pavements for unique public projects (squares, commercial malls, promenades, boulevards, etc).

One of our most popular products are the tiles used in the West Beach Promenade in Benidorm, designed by the very well known architect Carlos Ferrater and his partners form OAB. For this project, we produced circular and triangular ceramic tiles in 22 different colours. You can find some pictures and some information about this project in

This promenade recently received the “Ceramica de Arquitectura e Interiorismo” award, given by ASCER.

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