Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can be made from many materials. Most commonly used are ceramic tiles mosaic and glass mosaic tiles. Here I’d like to talk a little about ceramic tiles mosaic.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when thinking about mosaic is, that they will need to put together all the pieces and spend hours on building their wall. This might be true in some cases, but most of the time mosaic tiles come attached to a special mosaic net that can be easily installed. You just lay the net and add the glue you are using.

Ceramic tiles are commonly used in mosaic because ceramics is a great material to produce very small tiles. Even though they are small they are very easy to clean, specially when installed correctly because if installed correctly they are cleaned just as any other tile would be cleaned. You don’t need to clean every single tile, that would be silly. You just wipe them all together.

Mosaic tiles usually come available with premade designs, but these are just suggestions. Feel free to cut the net and set up your own design, your own mixture of colors, you unique mosaic.

When speaking about unique mosaic tiles we need to mention high definition mosaic tiles. High definition mosaic is very popular and people use it instead of pictures more and more. How it works is that you send a picture of your choice to the producer of high definition mosaic and that producer then imprint that picture into ceramics or glass, depending on the type of mosaic you’ll be using. That way you get custom made design that can either cover your whole wall or just enrich one part of it.

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