Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are a special kind of ceramic tiles and they have a great water absorption rate. Usually water absorption rate for porcelain tiles is less than 0,5 % which is great. Porcelain tiles can be used to cover walls and floors as well. We know unglazed porcelain tiles and glazed porcelain tiles.

We also know different types of porcelain tiles based on how hard they are. Hardness goes from zero to five according to ASTM C1027 (or ISO 10545-7) test for surface abrasion resistance. This test is used for glazed tiles only. You can use the results of this test to see for what surfaces and conditions is this tile appropriate. We would suggest you ask an expert when buying porcelain tiles because average user simply cannot understand these complex results of ASTM C1027 test.

Similar as with other ceramic tiles, most of porcelain tiles are produced in Spain, Italy, Turkey and of course China. They are mostly focused in large production facilities and big quantities. There are however some countries such as Australia and Brazil, which focus on small scale production of porcelain tiles.

Besides lower water absorption, porcelain tiles are also more durable than ceramic tiles and, by opinion of some, look better. They are a bit more expensive than regular ceramic tiles though.

In the end it all comes to where and for what you plan to use your tiles. Consider that and ask in your local shop to decide whether to go for ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles.

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