Tile flooring

Flooring is a generally used term describing any type of floor covering using tiles (the act of tile flooring) or the tile cover itself. Tile floor covering is a term used to describe any cover that can provide a better walking surface. Terms are used interchangeably, however tile flooring is used for more permanent floor covering, while floor covering term is usually used for coverings other than tiles that are more loose-laid materials.

Ceramic tile flooring is of course not the only type of flooring we know. We can also use carpets, linoleum or vinyl to cover floors. For better quality we usually use materials such as wood, ceramics, stone, terrazzo and various other harder materials.

Flooring materials

When deciding about materials for flooring you need to take many things into consideration. Main ones are endurance, cost, comfort, noise insulation and cleaning effort. It is no secret that we are all about ceramic tiles and it is a fact, that ceramic tiles are one of the best possible materials to go with when talking about flooring. The only thing they don’t do so well (from the factors above) is the price. You can find cheap ceramic tiles but we would not recommend it. You get what you pay for. But if you are looking for quality, comfort, water resistance, good isolation and don’t mind paying an extra buck for it, go for ceramic tiles when picking flooring material.

Soft coverings

Carpet is a way to go when looking for soft tile coverings. You can get carpet tiles in all sorts of colors and formats. From natural to man-made fibers in all sorts of styles. Fitted carpet tiles are attached to the floor and extend from wall to wall. We recommend using an underlay to make carpet tiles last longer.

Wood flooring

Wood is another hard material used for flooring. I wouldn’t put it under tile flooring but I’m mentioning it because it is still popular. It is no match to ceramic tiles though. Specially when it comes to water resistance. Wood flooring is way less resistant than ceramic tile flooring.

Bamboo flooring is also popular in some exotic locations. It is relatively durable and “eco”. it is available in many colors, patters and textures.

Hard flooring

As said then it comes to hard flooring, ceramic tiles are the king. Varieties include porcelain tile, terracotta tile, mosaic tiles and others.

Stone is also used for hard flooring and there are many types of stone tiles. They vary in size, thickness and shape as well. Usually stone is used in type of stone tiled, but sometimes also as small cubes.

Mosaic tile flooring is also becoming more and more popular due to the freedom mosaic tiles offer. Small pieces of ceramics or stone are arranged together to form a design.

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