About us

CeramicTiles.Net is a meta market of ceramic tiles. What does that mean? This is a website, that connects everything and everyone from the world of ceramic tiles. Our goal is to join together on one place all information about ceramic tile stores, ceramic tile producers, ceramic tile fitters and of course the architects.

We are adding new content everyday, however the world of ceramic tiles is very big and therefore we cannot find all companies on our own. That is why we would like to invite you to visit our “Join us” page and submit your company in case we haven’t found it yet. Feel free to watch a short presentation movie below and read a little more about us.

CeramicTiles.Net in the future

Our goal is to become the biggest database of knowledge regarding ceramic tiles. We will evolve into interactive multimedia platform that will enable members of the world of ceramic tiles to network between each other, share information and make business online.

Ceramic tiles is a very specific branche and bringing it online is definitely a big challenge. But we believe in ourselves and we belive that ceramic tiles market should go in step with time as well. Virtual fairs, online shops and interactive logistic solutions are the future of CeramicTiles.Net .

Thank you for your visit and enjoy your stay!

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