Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are a special kind of tiles. As name tells us they are made from ceramic materials such as porcelain and earthware for example. Ceramic tiles can be used in many different situations such as walls covering, tile flooring, showers, roofing and many more. Sky is the limit when it comes to where you can use ceramic tiles. There are many different types of ceramic tiles available as well. For example Terracotta is kind of the oldest type but is still used quite often as roofing tiles in certain types of architecture. On the other hand you can use small porcelain tiles on ornamental tile splashbacks in bathrooms and kitchens. They can also be hand-painted. Hand-painted ceramic tiles can be very expensive but they are unique and unique ceramic tiles must be worth something extra.

Usually tiles are sold in different supply stores they also sell other types of tiles such as stone tiles and glass tiles. There are some dedicated stores as well though. You can also buy tiles online and more and more people decide to, as prices are much lower due to small stock and cheaper logistics. Probably the biggest online store is CeramicTiles.Com, which belongs to e-Ceramica group. If you cannot find a tile design or tile size that you need or like, ask the store owner for some additional models. It might take a while to deliver them, but usually this things can be done.

Ceramic tiles come in many different shapes and sizes. Most popular are square ones, but they can also be triangular, rectangular and even octagonal. Ceramic tiles also differ by thickness. They can be very thick when talking about floor ceramic tiles and quite thin when talking about wall ceramic tiles and facade tiles. It should be specified for what use tiles are made, if not just ask someone for advice when shopping.

Probably the most common use of ceramic tiles is flooring. Besides looking very nice, there are many other advantages of using ceramic tiles to cover floor. Ceramic tiles are very durable and very efficent regarding temperature characteristics. Cooling and heating systems can be installed underneath ceramic tile floors and heat/cool will nicely radiate through. And we must not forget the last benefit of using ceramic tiles for flooring. Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean. Specially in bathrooms with drains installed in the floor. That way you can wash the floors and just hose it all down the drain.

As said before ceramic tiles can be used for many different purposes. You line showers, bathtubs and pools, make decorative accents inside and outside of gome, you can create countertops and many other different purposes. But there comes a bad side of this. You can use ceramic tiles for all that but you cannot use all tiles for all these purposes. That is why you need to be very carefull when buying ceramic tiles and you need to make sure they are appropriate for the function you need them for. Some tiles for example are not water resistant and are therefore used more for decorative and than actually functional purposes. Some tiles are made for walls only and cannot stand being used on the floor. Out of that and many other “conflicts”, make sure you check the main purpose of tile before buying it.

There is another “good to know” separation between tiles. We know glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. Some unglazed tiles can be custom painted and later refired to set the glaze while others are great for situations in which porous tiles are need, such as for making park walkways.

If you like mosaics, there are two ways to get them. One is to ask for some broken tile scraps in your store and then build them on your own. Other way is to buy premade mosaic tiles, which are usually attached to the net and are very easly installable. There are many different types of mosaic tiles as well. Most common ones are ceramic mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, stone mosaic tiles, vitro mosaic tiles and inox mosaic tiles.

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