Gres-Cid, S.L.

Gres Cid is a manufacturer of glazed ceramic wall and floor tiles with a special thickness of 13 mm.
The products that the firm makes are based on top-quality designs, attention to the manufacturing process and first-class raw materials, resulting in tiles that can be used on both walls and floors thanks to their versatility, resistance and technical qualities (resistance to frost and ice, hardness, a high bending strength etc). The firm now has an internal department responsible for research, development and innovation, thus allowing Gres Cid to introduce constant innovations.

A wide variety of designs and formats for decorative use.

At Gres Cid, we lend considerable importance to design, decorative potential and the use of special tile pieces. All our products have been developed with a view to creating a wide range of ceramic tiles able to satisfy the broadest of tastes when decorating the walls and floors of rooms of all kinds. The firm also offers an extensive choice of formats and tile combinations, as featured in our product catalogue.

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Castellon, In Europe, Lucena del Cid, Manufacturers, Spain
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