Mosvit, based in Lucena, Castellon, was established in 2002, and is a leading producer of Glass Mosaic. Using recycled glass, clients are offered a 100% eco-friendly product, with two formats to choose from; 2.5×2.5 and 1.2×1.2.

In addition to the traditional collections such as Mono-colours, Brumas and Degradados, Mosavit was the first company to introduce innovative ranges, aimed at architectural design mosaic.

Mosavit began in 2003 with the introduction of the NACARÉ series, and followed in 2004 by developing an iridescent mosaic, pioneering in its design; the ACQUARIS collection. In 2005 Mosavit launched its luminescent FOSVIT mosaic, which gives out light in the dark. In 2006 the new metallic series, including the PLATA, PLATINO and DORE models were met with great success and 2007 saw the expansion of the ACQUARIS collection, and the creation of the VINTAGE range. In 2008 the URBAN mosaic was launched, an avant-guard collection of matt mosaics and personalised decors. And in 2009 the ELOGY series was created, uniting the matt finish and iridescent mosaic to form a unique and beautiful design.

Finally in 2010 the Pandora series was created, the first glass mosaic with 7 designs in relief on the surface. This creativity, applied to all aspects of design in Mosavit materials, led Mosavit to win the Alfa de Plata in Cevisama 2010 – the first Glass Mosaic factory to achieve this prestigious recognition.

The history of design in Mosavit is largely thanks to its clients, who have continually supported and encouraged new, innovative materials in the market, and for this we pass our sincere thanks to all.

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