Grazia – Ceramiche Grazia S.P.A.

Ceramiche Grazia was founded in 1970, and since the beginning has set itself apart from other ceramic tile manufacturers by promoting the artisanal side of production, as it did not want to lose its artistic principles to mass production.

This adherence to traditional principles has obviously had an effect on its production methods, most of which include double firing, still today’s best method for producing wall tiles.

The firing cycles take from 100 minutes to 10 hours, ensuring that the glaze enhances the aesthetic value of the final product.

A lot of emphasis has been put on seeing the glaze lines, which has resulted in a hand finished look, making Grazia’s tiles unique amongst its industrial competitors.

Ceramiche Grazia has put the same effort into extruded biscuit, again to emphasize the individuality of its decors and trims. This can be seen in surfaces that look as if they have been cast by hand in clay moulds, as they used to be.

This is why Grazia can offer its customers a spectrum of plain colours and a variety of decors and trims. This is the result of a remarkable production effort on Grazia’s side, giving the customer an extensive choice, and the installer an opportunity to create of work of the finest detail.

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